Saturday, 12 March 2016

Hello and presenting myself as a Trend Spotter.

Some years ago I became deeply interested in the field of Colour, since when learning Interior Design in Art SchooI I hadn't been taught more than basic knowledge of Colour Circle relationships, that is primary, secondary and tertiary colours creation. And that's all. 

I learnt the basics to creating Colour Atmospheres with Kate Smith, from Sensationalcolor and have been since then engaged in learning more and more about colour. I created "La Colorista", my Colour Service. And Colour lead me to Colour and Design Trends, and from there I came to Global Trends, which is an easy fact to understand, since today all things are so closely intertwined in this Global World of ours.

Look4deco en Youtube.
Isabel de Yzaguirre & Meritxell Margarit.

Since January 2016 I'm helping Kate Smith in her "How to Become a Better Trend Spotter Instantly" course and this has helped me to organize  all the amount of information I have collected througout the last years in a better way. This is an amazing course, with a huge amount of very valuable information that will help anyone interested in trends to follow and detect them better. I highly recommend it!

One of the decisions I've taken is to write down a Trends Journal where I can share my thoughts on what I'm observing in this Global World around me. I love Colour, I love Interiors and I love Design in a wide sense. And I'm genuinely interested in kowing about the facts that are shaping the World and Societies to come in a few years, because I'm a part of it, my son is a part of it, and all of you are a part of it as well. We are not puppets, we are actors giving birth to future now, and I want to collect every interesting thing that comes to my knowledge. 

My European Trends Weekly and my Global Trends Weekly, which I created thanks to, provide me with very spot-on information, since there I curate only the best sources I've found out in these many years of surfing the Internet. I have many other sources of course! I publish The European on Saturday's afternoon, and The Global on Sunday morning. This way, I and you have a whole week to enjoy featured articles.

Nowadays I collaborate with Marta Aymerich Emotional Communication, in Both of us are based in Barcelona and offer Trends & Branding Assessment for Corporations, and Colour, Design and Creativity Workshops for Design Professionals and all kind of Corporations.

We assess in Catalan, Spanish and English and hope to meet your interest. You can contact any of us through Marta's site or La Colorista.

A Big Thank you for being here!

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